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Fequently Asked Questions

How come your prices are lower than your competitor's?

We compared competitors pricing in order to offer our clients quality services at more affordable prices. We are proud to offer more services than our competitors and our packages are customizable, so you are able to add or remove services from each package.

Why rent a photo booth for my event?

A photo booth makes your event an experience full of fun and excitement. It creates priceless moments and allows your guests to take home keepsakes that they will cherish forever.

Do you offer any discounts?

 Yes, be sure to like our page on Facebook and take advantage of the different promotional discounts that we offer each month. Also, anything you choose to not include with your package gets discounted from the package price. 

Ok, I want to book. What now?

If you’re ready to book, give us a call so that we can set up an appointment for your free one-on-one consultation in order to finalize your contract and rental.

What is needed to reserve a photo booth?

In order to reserve the booth, an appointment would need to be set up in order to sit down and go over your contract. Our one-on-one consultations are completely free and are used to work out the specifics of what you want in your rental.

What is the payment policy? When is the full payment due?

 A deposit is needed in order to book your event date and the remaining balance is due two weeks before your event. Contact us for any special requests regarding payment. We are willing to work with you.

Is there a deposit required? Is it refundable?

Yes, 40% of the total rental price is required in order to hold the date for your event. The deposit is nonrefundable but is still valid within the rotating year, so you can use it towards another event.

What type of payment options do you offer?

We accept cash, check or any Visa, Discover, Mastercard, and Diner’s Club credit cards.  

Is the rental refundable if something changes?

 Rentals are nonrefundable, but can be changed to another date within the rotating year. A rental is only refundable due to a mechanical failure onsite at your event.

What happens if there is a mechanical problem with the booth?

 In the event of a mechanical failure or for any reason such, that a functioning photo booth cannot be provided, Snapix’s maximum liability is the return of any payments received. If only partial services can be provided due, to conditions beyond our control, you will be reimbursed based on our posted rental rates. The reimbursement will be pro-rated on the basis of total rental cost with technical difficulties lasting longer than 20 min. If the rental is for 4 hours and the photo booth is not functioning for 2 hours, you will be charged for a 2 hour rental and the difference reimbursed. Snapix is not liable, however, for hardware/equipment malfunction or failure due to weather conditions; heat, cold, rain, humidity, wind, etc., during events held outdoors or in open air venues.

How do I get to choose my custom strip design?

Your custom strip design is anything and everything you can imagine it to be. During your free consultation, an example is drawn up to meet your specifications. We then send you the layout of your strip design along with three other strips based on your preferences and theme colors for you to choose from. You are not limited to those examples and are free to make changes as you please. Your custom photo strip design is not finalized until you are 100% satisfied and we have received your approval. 



What is the custom photo scrapbook and how does it work?

Snapix customizes your 12x12 scrapbook to your event theme colors and each scrapbook is personalized with a monogram. During your event, a Snapix attendant will be in charge of placing your strips in the scrapbook and asking your guests to leave messages. The first page of your scrapbook is also personalized to your color scheme and full 4x6 single photos of the honoree is placed there.

What are the dimensions of the booth?

Our booth is 7.5x7.5 feet, but is also available in 3x7.5 ft. 

Do you have any suggestions on how to make sure we and our guests take full advantage of the photo booth?

We suggest that you place the booth in an area where it can be seen by your guests and that you take advantage of our table reminders. Table reminders are completely free and let your guests know that the photo booth is there for unlimited use and free of charge. A Snapix attendant will place two table reminders on each table about 15 minutes before the booth’s run time. They will also carry a sample of your custom photo strip to show your guests as they place the table reminders. 

Where should the photo booth be set up at our event?

The location where the photo booth is set up is entirely up to you. We just ask that we have access to a 110 volt outlet within 25 feet of the booth. In order to get the most out of your rental, we would suggest placing the booth in an area where it can be visible to your guests. 


How much room is needed for the photo booth?

 We would need about a 14x8 space in order to fit our 7.5x7.5 booth, table with equipment, and prop area.

How much time is needed to set up the booth?

The booth takes about an hour and a half in order to set up and be fully functional. 

Can the booth be placed upstairs?

Yes, the booth can easily be placed upstairs.

Can the photo booth be setup outside?

Depending on the location, the booth can be set up outside. Please contact us so that we can determine what would be best. 

Will the booth be setup prior to my guests arriving?

If you require us to set up the booth prior to your event, idle time can be purchased at the rate of $20 for an hour or $40 for 2 or more hours.. Idle time is time that the booth is fully functional, but not in use until the agreed upon rental time. The 1.5 hours that set-up takes is included with your rental and anything outside of that is subjectto idle time. 

Will there be an attendant available to help my guests?

 Yes, professional, well dressed attendants will be provided with each event rental. The attendants will manage guest flow, assist with the photo scrapbook, inform your guests about the online gallery, and be responsible for setup and take down of the booth.


Is the photo booth easy to use?

Yes, our photo booth is very easy to use, due to our user friendly software and our 17’’ touch screen kiosk.


How many photo sessions are possible within my time frame?

The amount of photo sessions depends on your guests, but roughly, an estimated 35 sessions are possible per hour. 

How many pictures are provided to my guests?

Because all of our packages include unlimited prints, each of your guests is provided with a photo strip. 

How is the quality of the photos?

We use high quality equipment, including, a DSLR Canon camera, a sub-dye printer, and professional studio lighting, so your pictures are of the highest quality. 

Are pictures printed immediately? How fast do the photos print out?

 Pictures are immediately printed after each photo session and are printed in less than 9 seconds.

How many people can fit in the booth at one time?

Our booth can fit up to 12-15 people. Possibly more if you are creative about adjusting yourselves in the booth.

Do you provide the props for the guests to dress up?

Yes, since all of our packages include our fun prop box, you are provided with a large variety of props to choose from.

Can I choose between color and black & white pictures?

Yes, each photo session gives your guests the option to take the photos in color, black and white, sepia, fomomatic, pop art, and comic book.

The guests are having fun and I want the booth to run longer than originally booked. What now?

A Snapix attendant will notify the purchaser 15 to 20 minutes prior to closing time, so that they can decide whether or not to continue for another hour. An extra hour is $100 and can be purchased onsite. 

Do you offer an online gallery?

Yes, an online gallery is offered with our Silver, Gold, and Platinum packages. It can be added on to our Bronze package if requested.

How do I get the photos digitally?

We provide you with a CD at the end of your event that includes a copy of all of the photo strips, as well as, all of the individual photos. Also, if you choose to have a web gallery, a link will be posted on our website to give your guests access to all the photos from the event. The gallery is password sensitive to maintain your privacy and the password is provided on the bottom of the photo strips. We will also post one photo from each session to an album on our Facebook page. 


How long does it take for the photos to be posted to the online gallery?

Photos will be posted to the online gallery and to our Facebook page within 24-48 hours after your event. 


Can we use the photo booth for a fundraiser?

Absolutely. We have great no cost fundraising opportunities for organizations to take advantage of. Details can be found in our packages. 

What is your maximum travel distance? Are there any fees?

We are based out of Mercedes, TX and do not charge for any event within a 40 mile radius. Outside of the 40 mile radius, a fee of .40c/per mile is added onto your rental.

How much time do you need to tear-down and pack up at the end of the event?

Tear down takes about 45 minutes to an hour and is done immediately after the booth run time ends.

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