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Platinum Package

$949 for 2 hours. $1,099 for 4 hours.


If you want to go all out and take advantage of all the great services that Snapix has to offer, our Platinum Package is for you. This package includes all of the features from our previous packages in addition to:

Banner Photographer

In order to give a full red carpet feel, a banner photographer is offered for two hours to take photos of your guests in front of your step and repeat banner as they arrive at your event. 

CD of All Banner Pictures

At the end of your event you are provided with a CD containing all of the step and repeat banner pictures taken by the banner photographer. 

Online Gallery of Banner Pictures

When booking the banner photographer, an online gallery is also included so that your guests have access to download their photos. 


Guest Book or Wooden Initial

Snapix offers a guest book in the color of your choice for your event where your guests can sign in as they arrive. An alternative for the classic guest book is our wooden initial. The wooden initial is 2x2 ft and can be in any font of your choice. The great thing about a wooden initial is that it can be displayed and cherished on a daily basis! 

Choice of Photo Booth Color

Our black and red photo booth may not fit your color scheme, so we offer the option to change the exterior colors of the booth.

Photo Grid Option

The great thing about the photo grid option is that each of your guests have the opportunity to take home a 4x6 photo from your event. Our photo grid option allows you more room for your custom logo design and is much easier to frame, so it not only makes it an awesome keepsake but an easy one!


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