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DSLR Canon Camera

DSLR (Digital, Single, Lens, Reflex) cameras produce much better quality shots. DSLR cameras have precise lenses and a larger image sensor which produces sharper, professional shots..

Sub-Dye Printer

Sub-dye printers produce professional photo lab quality prints and print much faster than regular printers. Our printer will have your prints ready in just 9 seconds so there is less wait time for your guests to receive their photos and this will allow more pictures to be taken at your event. Prints are water and fingerprint resistant and are also have a special UV coating so that your photos will last for 50+ years without fading. 

Professional Studio Lighting

What lab equipment is to a chemist, studio lighting is to a photographer. All sorts of experiments can be done with studio lighting. The main advantage is of course the ability to control and shape the quality of light. Shooting under studio lighting also has the pleasant side effect of making pretty much any camera capable of rendering sharp, well detailed images.

Photo Booth

Dont limit your fun with a standard sized booth. A Snapix photo booth is 7x7, where you can fit upwards of 15 people so you have extra space to have extra fun. 

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